Our company has adopted continuous growth as its principle by adhering to all legal requirements and regulations and meeting all customer requirements on quality, halal and food safety.

  • We provide continuous support and education possibilities for our employees so that they can contribute to the system.
  • We continuously follow up customer satisfaction.
  • We monitor our product quality, provide sustainability same time we work on improvements.
  • We always make necessary efforts to keep the production quality and safetyness at the first level. In order to have healthy and safe products, our basic principle is to perform hazard analysis and risk management in accordance with good manufacturing practices and legal requirements. Our Quality is constituted according to our Halal and Food Safety system BRC, ISO 9001:2015 and Halal Food Standards.


Our company places great emphasis on producing with giving no harm the environment, preventing environmental pollution, complying with legal regulations and activities. Our company has created its environmental policy as follows and handles as a whole with its quality systems;

  • To investigate the ways to produce with minimum waste and to recycle the waste.
  • To comply with law, regulations, rules and standards and will educate its workers accordingly
  • To increase the environmental consciousness of its workers and partners.
  • To try to protect the natural resources


In order to meet the health and security demands of our workers, visitors, subcontractors acting in our factory and environment during our production, our company committed to;

  • Apply and improve occupational health and safety management system
  • Giving continuous education to our workers in order to create and improve safe working consciousness
  • Informing our foreign partners about our systems during their visits
  • Minimizing accidents, professional diseases, and material damage
  • Obeying to the related laws, regulations and legislations